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public interface StompSessionHandler extends StompFrameHandler
A contract for client STOMP session lifecycle events including a callback when the session is established and notifications of transport or message handling failures.

This contract also extends StompFrameHandler in order to handle STOMP ERROR frames received from the broker.

Implementations of this interface should consider extending StompSessionHandlerAdapter.

Rossen Stoyanchev
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  • Method Details

    • afterConnected

      void afterConnected(StompSession session, StompHeaders connectedHeaders)
      Invoked when the session is ready to use, i.e. after the underlying transport (TCP, WebSocket) is connected and a STOMP CONNECTED frame is received from the broker.
      session - the client STOMP session
      connectedHeaders - the STOMP CONNECTED frame headers
    • handleException

      void handleException(StompSession session, @Nullable StompCommand command, StompHeaders headers, byte[] payload, Throwable exception)
      Handle any exception arising while processing a STOMP frame such as a failure to convert the payload or an unhandled exception in the application StompFrameHandler.
      session - the client STOMP session
      command - the STOMP command of the frame
      headers - the headers
      payload - the raw payload
      exception - the exception
    • handleTransportError

      void handleTransportError(StompSession session, Throwable exception)
      Handle a low level transport error which could be an I/O error or a failure to encode or decode a STOMP message.

      Note that ConnectionLostException will be passed into this method when the connection is lost rather than closed normally via StompSession.disconnect().

      session - the client STOMP session
      exception - the exception that occurred