Annotation Interface AfterTestExecution

@EventListener annotation used to consume an AfterTestExecutionEvent published by the EventPublishingTestExecutionListener.

This annotation may be used on @EventListener-compliant methods within a Spring test ApplicationContext — for example, on methods in a @Configuration class. A method annotated with this annotation will be invoked as part of the TestExecutionListener.afterTestExecution(org.springframework.test.context.TestContext) lifecycle.

Event processing can optionally be made conditional via a SpEL expression — for example, @AfterTestExecution(" matches 'test.*'").

The EventPublishingTestExecutionListener must be registered in order for this annotation to have an effect — for example, via @TestExecutionListeners. Note, however, that the EventPublishingTestExecutionListener is registered by default.

Frank Scheffler, Sam Brannen
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