Class ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.Segment

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Lock
Enclosing class:

protected final class ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.Segment extends ReentrantLock
A single segment used to divide the map to allow better concurrent performance.
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  • Constructor Details

    • Segment

      public Segment(int initialSize, int resizeThreshold)
  • Method Details

    • getReference

    • doTask

      @Nullable public <T> T doTask(int hash, @Nullable Object key, ConcurrentReferenceHashMap<K,V>.org.springframework.util.ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.Task<T> task)
      Apply an update operation to this segment. The segment will be locked during the update.
      hash - the hash of the key
      key - the key
      task - the update operation
      the result of the operation
    • clear

      public void clear()
      Clear all items from this segment.
    • restructureIfNecessary

      protected final void restructureIfNecessary(boolean allowResize)
      Restructure the underlying data structure when it becomes necessary. This method can increase the size of the references table as well as purge any references that have been garbage collected.
      allowResize - if resizing is permitted
    • getSize

      public final int getSize()
      Return the size of the current references array.
    • getCount

      public final int getCount()
      Return the total number of references in this segment.