Interface UriComponentsContributor

All Known Implementing Classes:
CompositeUriComponentsContributor, PathVariableMethodArgumentResolver, RequestParamMethodArgumentResolver

public interface UriComponentsContributor
Strategy for contributing to the building of a UriComponents by looking at a method parameter and an argument value and deciding what part of the target URL should be updated.
Oliver Gierke, Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • supportsParameter

      boolean supportsParameter(MethodParameter parameter)
      Whether this contributor supports the given method parameter.
    • contributeMethodArgument

      void contributeMethodArgument(MethodParameter parameter, Object value, UriComponentsBuilder builder, Map<String,Object> uriVariables, ConversionService conversionService)
      Process the given method argument and either update the UriComponentsBuilder or add to the map with URI variables to use to expand the URI after all arguments are processed.
      parameter - the controller method parameter (never null)
      value - the argument value (possibly null)
      builder - the builder to update (never null)
      uriVariables - a map to add URI variables to (never null)
      conversionService - a ConversionService to format values as Strings