Interface XhrTransport

All Superinterfaces:
InfoReceiver, Transport
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractXhrTransport, JettyXhrTransport, RestTemplateXhrTransport, UndertowXhrTransport

public interface XhrTransport extends Transport, InfoReceiver
A SockJS Transport that uses HTTP requests to simulate a WebSocket interaction. The connect method of the base Transport interface is used to receive messages from the server while the executeSendRequest(, org.springframework.http.HttpHeaders, org.springframework.web.socket.TextMessage) method here is used to send messages.
Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • isXhrStreamingDisabled

      boolean isXhrStreamingDisabled()
      An XhrTransport supports both the "xhr_streaming" and "xhr" SockJS server transports. From a client perspective there is no implementation difference.

      By default an XhrTransport will be used with "xhr_streaming" first and then with "xhr", if the streaming fails to connect. In some cases it may be useful to suppress streaming so that only "xhr" is used.

    • executeSendRequest

      void executeSendRequest(URI transportUrl, HttpHeaders headers, TextMessage message)
      Execute a request to send the message to the server.

      Note that as of 4.2 this method accepts a headers parameter.

      transportUrl - the URL for sending messages.
      message - the message to send