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Packages that use NestedRuntimeException
Core Spring AOP interfaces, built on AOP Alliance AOP interoperability interfaces.
Classes enabling AspectJ 5 @Annotated classes to be used in Spring AOP.
Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces.
This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans.
The core package implementing Spring's lightweight Inversion of Control (IoC) container.
Support infrastructure for bean definition parsing.
Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package.
Contains an abstract XML-based BeanFactory implementation, including a standard "spring-beans" XSD.
This package builds on the beans package to add support for message sources and for the Observer design pattern, and the ability for application objects to obtain resources using a consistent API.
Core support package for annotations, meta-annotations, and merged annotations with attribute overrides.
Encoder and Decoder abstractions to convert between a reactive stream of bytes and Java objects.
Type conversion system API.
Support classes for Spring's serializer abstraction.
Exception hierarchy enabling sophisticated error handling independent of the data access approach in use.
Provides an HttpMessageConverter abstraction to convert between Java objects and HTTP input/output messages.
The classes in this package make JDBC easier to use and reduce the likelihood of common errors.
Provides extensible support for initializing databases through scripts.
Provides a strategy for looking up JDBC DataSources by name.
Abstraction for handling fields of SQLXML data type.
This package contains integration classes for JMS, allowing for Spring-style JMS access.
Provides a PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single JMS ConnectionFactory, and a SingleConnectionFactory adapter.
Message listener adapter mechanism that delegates to target listener methods, converting messages to appropriate message content types (such as String or byte array) that get passed into listener methods.
Provides a MessageConverter abstraction to convert between Java objects and JMS messages.
Support classes for Spring's JMS framework.
This package contains Spring's JMX support, which includes registration of Spring-managed beans as JMX MBeans as well as access to remote JMX MBeans.
Provides support for accessing remote MBean resources.
This package provides declarative creation and registration of Spring-managed beans as JMX MBeans.
Provides generic JMX metadata classes and basic support for reading JMX metadata in a provider-agnostic manner.
Provides supporting infrastructure to allow Spring-created MBeans to send JMX notifications.
The classes in this package make JNDI easier to use, facilitating the accessing of configuration stored in JNDI, and provide useful superclasses for JNDI access classes.
Spring's generic mail infrastructure.
Support for working with messaging APIs and protocols.
Provides support for message conversion.
Defines interfaces and implementation classes for messaging templates.
Support classes for working with annotated message-handling methods.
Common infrastructure for invoking message handler methods.
Support classes for handling messages from simple messaging protocols (like STOMP).
Generic support for simple messaging protocols (like STOMP).
Root package for Spring's O/R Mapping integration classes.
Package providing integration of Hibernate 5.x with Spring concepts.
Package providing integration of JPA (Java Persistence API) with Spring concepts.
Root package for Spring's O/X Mapping integration classes.
The classes in this package make R2DBC easier to use and reduce the likelihood of common errors.
Provides extensible support for initializing databases through scripts.
Provides a strategy for looking up R2DBC ConnectionFactories by name.
Classes providing an abstraction over SQL bind markers.
General exceptions for Spring's scheduling support, independent of any specific scheduling system.
Support classes for the open source scheduler Quartz, allowing to set up Quartz Schedulers, JobDetails and Triggers as beans in a Spring context.
Core interfaces for Spring's scripting support.
Package providing integration of BeanShell (and BeanShell2) into Spring's scripting infrastructure.
Spring's core transaction management APIs (independent of any specific transaction management system); an exception hierarchy for Spring's transaction infrastructure; and transaction manager, definition, and status interfaces.
Common, generic interfaces that define minimal boundary points between Spring's web infrastructure and other framework modules.
Support classes for web data binding.
Core package of the client-side web support.
Support classes for annotation-based handler method processing.
Multipart resolution framework for handling file uploads.
Provides a foundation for both the reactive client and server subpackages.
Provides a reactive WebClient that builds on top of the org.springframework.http.client.reactive reactive HTTP adapter layer.
Core interfaces and classes for Spring's generic, reactive web support.
Server-side abstractions for WebSocket interactions.
Top-level SockJS types.