Class ConfigurableMimeFileTypeMap

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public class ConfigurableMimeFileTypeMap extends FileTypeMap implements InitializingBean
Spring-configurable FileTypeMap implementation that will read MIME type to file extension mappings from a standard JavaMail MIME type mapping file, using a standard MimetypesFileTypeMap underneath.

The mapping file should be in the following format, as specified by the Java Activation Framework:

 # map text/html to .htm and .html files
 text/html  html htm HTML HTM
Lines starting with # are treated as comments and are ignored. All other lines are treated as mappings. Each mapping line should contain the MIME type as the first entry and then each file extension to map to that MIME type as subsequent entries. Each entry is separated by spaces or tabs.

By default, the mappings in the mime.types file located in the same package as this class are used, which cover many common file extensions (in contrast to the out-of-the-box mappings in activation.jar). This can be overridden using the mappingLocation property.

Additional mappings can be added via the mappings bean property, as lines that follow the mime.types file format.

Rob Harrop, Juergen Hoeller
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