Uses of Interface

Packages that use ParameterNameDiscoverer
AspectJ integration package.
Classes enabling AspectJ 5 @Annotated classes to be used in Spring AOP.
SPI interfaces and configuration-related convenience classes for bean factories.
Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package.
Expression parsing support within a Spring application context.
Provides basic classes for exception handling and version detection, and other core helpers that are not specific to any part of the framework.
Provides a strategy for MBeanInfo assembly.
Common infrastructure for invoking message handler methods.
Common infrastructure for invoking message handler methods with non-blocking, and reactive contracts.
Support classes for integrating a JSR-303 Bean Validation provider (such as Hibernate Validator) into a Spring ApplicationContext and in particular with Spring's data binding and validation APIs.
Support classes for annotation-based handler method processing.
Generic support classes for handler method processing.
Infrastructure for handler method processing.
MVC infrastructure for annotation-based handler method processing, building on the org.springframework.web.method.annotation package.