Class SchedulerAccessorBean

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanFactoryAware, InitializingBean, ResourceLoaderAware

public class SchedulerAccessorBean extends SchedulerAccessor implements BeanFactoryAware, InitializingBean
Spring bean-style class for accessing a Quartz Scheduler, i.e. for registering jobs, triggers and listeners on a given Scheduler instance.

Compatible with Quartz 2.1.4 and higher, as of Spring 4.1.

Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • SchedulerAccessorBean

      public SchedulerAccessorBean()
  • Method Details

    • setSchedulerName

      public void setSchedulerName(String schedulerName)
      Specify the Quartz Scheduler to operate on via its scheduler name in the Spring application context or also in the Quartz SchedulerRepository.

      Schedulers can be registered in the repository through custom bootstrapping, e.g. via the StdSchedulerFactory or DirectSchedulerFactory factory classes. However, in general, it's preferable to use Spring's SchedulerFactoryBean which includes the job/trigger/listener capabilities of this accessor as well.

      If not specified, this accessor will try to retrieve a default Scheduler bean from the containing application context.

    • setScheduler

      public void setScheduler(Scheduler scheduler)
      Specify the Quartz Scheduler instance to operate on.

      If not specified, this accessor will try to retrieve a default Scheduler bean from the containing application context.

    • getScheduler

      public Scheduler getScheduler()
      Return the Quartz Scheduler instance that this accessor operates on.
      Specified by:
      getScheduler in class SchedulerAccessor
    • setBeanFactory

      public void setBeanFactory(BeanFactory beanFactory)
      Description copied from interface: BeanFactoryAware
      Callback that supplies the owning factory to a bean instance.

      Invoked after the population of normal bean properties but before an initialization callback such as InitializingBean.afterPropertiesSet() or a custom init-method.

      Specified by:
      setBeanFactory in interface BeanFactoryAware
      beanFactory - owning BeanFactory (never null). The bean can immediately call methods on the factory.
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    • afterPropertiesSet

      public void afterPropertiesSet() throws SchedulerException
      Description copied from interface: InitializingBean
      Invoked by the containing BeanFactory after it has set all bean properties and satisfied BeanFactoryAware, ApplicationContextAware etc.

      This method allows the bean instance to perform validation of its overall configuration and final initialization when all bean properties have been set.

      Specified by:
      afterPropertiesSet in interface InitializingBean
    • findScheduler

      protected Scheduler findScheduler(String schedulerName) throws SchedulerException
    • findDefaultScheduler

      protected Scheduler findDefaultScheduler()