Uses of Interface

Packages that use PlatformTransactionManager
Provides a utility class for easy DataSource access, a PlatformTransactionManager for a single DataSource, and various simple DataSource implementations.
Support classes for the JDBC framework, used by the classes in the jdbc.core and jdbc.object packages.
Support package for declarative messaging configuration, with Java configuration and XML schema support.
Provides a PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single JMS ConnectionFactory, and a SingleConnectionFactory adapter.
This package contains the base message listener container facility.
Package providing integration of Hibernate 5.x with Spring concepts.
Package providing integration of JPA (Java Persistence API) with Spring concepts.
Support classes for the open source scheduler Quartz, allowing to set up Quartz Schedulers, JobDetails and Triggers as beans in a Spring context.
Transactional support classes for the Spring TestContext Framework.
AOP-based solution for declarative transaction demarcation.
Transaction SPI implementation for JTA.
Support classes for the org.springframework.transaction package.