Interface MultipartHttpServletRequest

All Superinterfaces:
HttpServletRequest, MultipartRequest, ServletRequest
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMultipartHttpServletRequest, DefaultMultipartHttpServletRequest, MockMultipartHttpServletRequest, StandardMultipartHttpServletRequest

public interface MultipartHttpServletRequest extends HttpServletRequest, MultipartRequest
Provides additional methods for dealing with multipart content within a servlet request, allowing to access uploaded files.

Implementations also need to override the standard ServletRequest methods for parameter access, making multipart parameters available.

A concrete implementation is DefaultMultipartHttpServletRequest. As an intermediate step, AbstractMultipartHttpServletRequest can be subclassed.

Juergen Hoeller, Trevor D. Cook
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  • Method Details

    • getRequestMethod

      HttpMethod getRequestMethod()
      Return this request's method as a convenient HttpMethod instance.
    • getRequestHeaders

      HttpHeaders getRequestHeaders()
      Return this request's headers as a convenient HttpHeaders instance.
    • getMultipartHeaders

      @Nullable HttpHeaders getMultipartHeaders(String paramOrFileName)
      Return the headers for the specified part of the multipart request.

      If the underlying implementation supports access to part headers, then all headers are returned. Otherwise, e.g. for a file upload, the returned headers may expose a 'Content-Type' if available.