Class ModelAndViewResolverMethodReturnValueHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ModelAndViewResolverMethodReturnValueHandler extends Object implements HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler
This return value handler is intended to be ordered after all others as it attempts to handle _any_ return value type (i.e. returns true for all return types).

The return value is handled either with a ModelAndViewResolver or otherwise by regarding it as a model attribute if it is a non-simple type. If neither of these succeeds (essentially simple type other than String), UnsupportedOperationException is raised.

Note: This class is primarily needed to support ModelAndViewResolver, which unfortunately cannot be properly adapted to the HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler contract since the HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler.supportsReturnType(org.springframework.core.MethodParameter) method cannot be implemented. Hence ModelAndViewResolvers are limited to always being invoked at the end after all other return value handlers have been given a chance. It is recommended to re-implement a ModelAndViewResolver as HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler, which also provides better access to the return type and method information.

Rossen Stoyanchev