Class StandardBeanExpressionResolver

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public class StandardBeanExpressionResolver extends Object implements BeanExpressionResolver
Standard implementation of the BeanExpressionResolver interface, parsing and evaluating Spring EL using Spring's expression module.

All beans in the containing BeanFactory are made available as predefined variables with their common bean name, including standard context beans such as "environment", "systemProperties" and "systemEnvironment".

Juergen Hoeller
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  • Field Details


      public static final String DEFAULT_EXPRESSION_PREFIX
      Default expression prefix: "#{".
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      public static final String DEFAULT_EXPRESSION_SUFFIX
      Default expression suffix: "}".
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  • Constructor Details

    • StandardBeanExpressionResolver

      public StandardBeanExpressionResolver()
      Create a new StandardBeanExpressionResolver with default settings.
    • StandardBeanExpressionResolver

      public StandardBeanExpressionResolver(@Nullable ClassLoader beanClassLoader)
      Create a new StandardBeanExpressionResolver with the given bean class loader, using it as the basis for expression compilation.
      beanClassLoader - the factory's bean class loader
  • Method Details

    • setExpressionPrefix

      public void setExpressionPrefix(String expressionPrefix)
      Set the prefix that an expression string starts with. The default is "#{".
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    • setExpressionSuffix

      public void setExpressionSuffix(String expressionSuffix)
      Set the suffix that an expression string ends with. The default is "}".
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    • setExpressionParser

      public void setExpressionParser(ExpressionParser expressionParser)
      Specify the EL parser to use for expression parsing.

      Default is a SpelExpressionParser, compatible with standard Unified EL style expression syntax.

    • evaluate

      @Nullable public Object evaluate(@Nullable String value, BeanExpressionContext beanExpressionContext) throws BeansException
      Description copied from interface: BeanExpressionResolver
      Evaluate the given value as an expression, if applicable; return the value as-is otherwise.
      Specified by:
      evaluate in interface BeanExpressionResolver
      value - the value to evaluate as an expression
      beanExpressionContext - the bean expression context to use when evaluating the expression
      the resolved value (potentially the given value as-is)
      BeansException - if evaluation failed
    • customizeEvaluationContext

      protected void customizeEvaluationContext(StandardEvaluationContext evalContext)
      Template method for customizing the expression evaluation context.

      The default implementation is empty.