Package org.springframework.test.context.aot

@NonNullApi @NonNullFields package org.springframework.test.context.aot
Ahead-of-time (AOT) support for the Spring TestContext Framework.
  • Class
    Strategy interface for loading an ApplicationContext for build-time AOT processing as well as run-time AOT execution for an integration test managed by the Spring TestContext Framework.
    Holder for metadata specific to ahead-of-time (AOT) support in the Spring TestContext Framework.
    AotTestContextInitializers provides mappings from test classes to AOT-optimized context initializers.
    AotTestExecutionListener is an extension of the TestExecutionListener SPI that allows a listener to optionally provide ahead-of-time (AOT) support.
    @DisabledInAotMode signals that an annotated test class is disabled in Spring AOT (ahead-of-time) mode, which means that the ApplicationContext for the test class will not be processed for AOT optimizations at build time.
    Filesystem-based ahead-of-time (AOT) processing base implementation that scans the provided classpath roots for Spring integration test classes and then generates AOT artifacts for those test classes in the configured output directories.
    Thrown if an error occurs during AOT build-time processing or AOT run-time execution in the Spring TestContext Framework.
    TestContextAotGenerator generates AOT artifacts for integration tests that depend on support from the Spring TestContext Framework.
    Contract for registering RuntimeHints for integration tests run with the Spring TestContext Framework based on the ClassLoader of the deployment unit.