Uses of Package

Support classes for working with annotated message-handling methods with non-blocking, reactive contracts.
Support classes for working with annotated message-handling methods.
Support classes for handling messages from simple messaging protocols (like STOMP).
Configuration support for WebSocket messaging using higher level messaging protocols.
Support for testing Spring WebFlux server endpoints via WebTestClient.
Support for testing Spring MVC applications via WebTestClient with MockMvc for server request handling.
Contains built-in MockMvcBuilder implementations.
Provides data binding and validation functionality, for usage in business and/or UI layers.
Support classes for integrating a JSR-303 Bean Validation provider (such as Hibernate Validator) into a Spring ApplicationContext and in particular with Spring's data binding and validation APIs.
Abstractions and support classes for method validation, independent of the underlying validation library.
Provides web-specific data binding functionality.
Support classes for web data binding.
Spring WebFlux configuration infrastructure.
Support for result handling through view resolution.
Annotation-based setup for Spring MVC.
Provides the types that make up Spring's functional web framework for Servlet environments.
MVC infrastructure for annotation-based handler method processing, building on the org.springframework.web.method.annotation package.
Support package for MVC controllers.
Support classes for Spring's web MVC framework.
This package contains Spring's JSP standard tag library for JSP 2.0+.