Class JdbcBeanDefinitionReader


@Deprecated public class JdbcBeanDefinitionReader extends Object
as of 5.3, in favor of Spring's common bean definition formats and/or custom reader implementations
Bean definition reader that reads values from a database table, based on a given SQL statement.

Expects columns for bean name, property name and value as String. Formats for each are identical to the properties format recognized by PropertiesBeanDefinitionReader.

NOTE: This is mainly intended as an example for a custom JDBC-based bean definition reader. It does not aim to offer comprehensive functionality.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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    • setDataSource

      public void setDataSource(DataSource dataSource)
      Set the DataSource to use to obtain database connections. Will implicitly create a new JdbcTemplate with the given DataSource.
    • setJdbcTemplate

      public void setJdbcTemplate(JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate)
      Set the JdbcTemplate to be used by this bean factory. Contains settings for DataSource, SQLExceptionTranslator, etc.
    • loadBeanDefinitions

      public void loadBeanDefinitions(String sql)
      Load bean definitions from the database via the given SQL string.
      sql - the SQL query to use for loading bean definitions. The first three columns must be bean name, property name and value. Any join and any other columns are permitted: e.g. SELECT BEAN_NAME, PROPERTY, VALUE FROM CONFIG WHERE CONFIG.APP_ID = 1 It's also possible to perform a join. Column names are not significant -- only the ordering of these first three columns.