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public interface JCacheConfigurer extends CachingConfigurer
Extension of CachingConfigurer for the JSR-107 implementation.

To be implemented by classes annotated with EnableCaching that wish or need to specify explicitly how exception caches are resolved for annotation-driven cache management.

See EnableCaching for general examples and context; see exceptionCacheResolver() for detailed instructions.

Stephane Nicoll
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    • exceptionCacheResolver

      @Nullable default CacheResolver exceptionCacheResolver()
      Return the CacheResolver bean to use to resolve exception caches for annotation-driven cache management. Implementations must explicitly declare @Bean, e.g.
       public class AppConfig implements JCacheConfigurer {
           @Bean // important!
           public CacheResolver exceptionCacheResolver() {
               // configure and return CacheResolver instance
           // ...
      See EnableCaching for more complete examples.