Interface MessageListenerContainer

All Superinterfaces:
Lifecycle, Phased, SmartLifecycle
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMessageListenerContainer, AbstractPollingMessageListenerContainer, DefaultMessageListenerContainer, JmsMessageEndpointManager, SimpleMessageListenerContainer

public interface MessageListenerContainer extends SmartLifecycle
Internal abstraction used by the framework representing a message listener container. Not meant to be implemented externally with support for both JMS and JCA style containers.
Stephane Nicoll
  • Method Details

    • setupMessageListener

      void setupMessageListener(Object messageListener)
      Set up the message listener to use. Throws an IllegalArgumentException if that message listener type is not supported.
    • getMessageConverter

      @Nullable MessageConverter getMessageConverter()
      Return the MessageConverter that can be used to convert Message, if any.
    • getDestinationResolver

      @Nullable DestinationResolver getDestinationResolver()
      Return the DestinationResolver to use to resolve destinations by names.
    • isPubSubDomain

      boolean isPubSubDomain()
      Return whether the Publish/Subscribe domain (Topics) is used. Otherwise, the Point-to-Point domain (Queues) is used.
    • isReplyPubSubDomain

      boolean isReplyPubSubDomain()
      Return whether the reply destination uses Publish/Subscribe domain (Topics). Otherwise, the Point-to-Point domain (Queues) is used.

      By default, the value is identical to isPubSubDomain().

    • getReplyQosSettings

      @Nullable QosSettings getReplyQosSettings()
      Return the QosSettings to use when sending a reply, or null if the broker's defaults should be used.