Interface StompEndpointRegistry

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public interface StompEndpointRegistry
A contract for registering STOMP over WebSocket endpoints.
Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • addEndpoint

      Register a STOMP over WebSocket endpoint at the given mapping path.
    • setOrder

      void setOrder(int order)
      Set the order of the HandlerMapping used for STOMP endpoints relative to other Spring MVC handler mappings.

      By default this is set to 1.

    • setUrlPathHelper

      void setUrlPathHelper(UrlPathHelper urlPathHelper)
      Configure a customized UrlPathHelper for the STOMP endpoint HandlerMapping.
    • setErrorHandler

      Configure a handler for customizing or handling STOMP ERROR frames to clients.
      errorHandler - the error handler
    • setPreserveReceiveOrder

      WebMvcStompEndpointRegistry setPreserveReceiveOrder(boolean preserveReceiveOrder)
      Whether to handle client messages sequentially in the order in which they were received.

      By default messages sent to the "clientInboundChannel" may be handled in parallel and not in the same order as they were received because the channel is backed by a ThreadPoolExecutor that in turn does not guarantee processing in order.

      When this flag is set to true messages within the same session will be sent to the "clientInboundChannel" one at a time in order to preserve the order in which they were received.