Class PropertiesLoaderSupport

Direct Known Subclasses:
PropertiesFactoryBean, PropertyResourceConfigurer

public abstract class PropertiesLoaderSupport extends Object
Base class for JavaBean-style components that need to load properties from one or more resources. Supports local properties as well, with configurable overriding.
Juergen Hoeller
  • Field Details

    • logger

      protected final Log logger
      Logger available to subclasses.
    • localProperties

      @Nullable protected Properties[] localProperties
    • localOverride

      protected boolean localOverride
  • Constructor Details

    • PropertiesLoaderSupport

      public PropertiesLoaderSupport()
  • Method Details

    • setProperties

      public void setProperties(Properties properties)
      Set local properties, e.g. via the "props" tag in XML bean definitions. These can be considered defaults, to be overridden by properties loaded from files.
    • setPropertiesArray

      public void setPropertiesArray(Properties... propertiesArray)
      Set local properties, e.g. via the "props" tag in XML bean definitions, allowing for merging multiple properties sets into one.
    • setLocation

      public void setLocation(Resource location)
      Set a location of a properties file to be loaded.

      Can point to a classic properties file or to an XML file that follows JDK 1.5's properties XML format.

    • setLocations

      public void setLocations(Resource... locations)
      Set locations of properties files to be loaded.

      Can point to classic properties files or to XML files that follow JDK 1.5's properties XML format.

      Note: Properties defined in later files will override properties defined earlier files, in case of overlapping keys. Hence, make sure that the most specific files are the last ones in the given list of locations.

    • setLocalOverride

      public void setLocalOverride(boolean localOverride)
      Set whether local properties override properties from files.

      Default is "false": Properties from files override local defaults. Can be switched to "true" to let local properties override defaults from files.

    • setIgnoreResourceNotFound

      public void setIgnoreResourceNotFound(boolean ignoreResourceNotFound)
      Set if failure to find the property resource should be ignored.

      "true" is appropriate if the properties file is completely optional. Default is "false".

    • setFileEncoding

      public void setFileEncoding(String encoding)
      Set the encoding to use for parsing properties files.

      Default is none, using the java.util.Properties default encoding.

      Only applies to classic properties files, not to XML files.

      See Also:
    • setPropertiesPersister

      public void setPropertiesPersister(@Nullable PropertiesPersister propertiesPersister)
      Set the PropertiesPersister to use for parsing properties files. The default is DefaultPropertiesPersister.
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    • mergeProperties

      protected Properties mergeProperties() throws IOException
      Return a merged Properties instance containing both the loaded properties and properties set on this FactoryBean.
    • loadProperties

      protected void loadProperties(Properties props) throws IOException
      Load properties into the given instance.
      props - the Properties instance to load into
      IOException - in case of I/O errors
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