Class CleanupFailureDataAccessException

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@Deprecated(since="6.0.3") public class CleanupFailureDataAccessException extends NonTransientDataAccessException
as of 6.0.3 since it is not in use within core JDBC/ORM support
Exception thrown when we couldn't clean up after a data access operation, but the actual operation went OK.

For example, this exception or a subclass might be thrown if a JDBC Connection couldn't be closed after it had been used successfully.

Note that data access code might perform resources cleanup in a finally block and therefore log cleanup failure rather than rethrow it, to keep the original data access exception, if any.

Rod Johnson
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    • CleanupFailureDataAccessException

      public CleanupFailureDataAccessException(String msg, Throwable cause)
      Constructor for CleanupFailureDataAccessException.
      msg - the detail message
      cause - the root cause from the underlying data access API, such as JDBC