Class YamlProcessor

Direct Known Subclasses:
YamlMapFactoryBean, YamlPropertiesFactoryBean

public abstract class YamlProcessor extends Object
Base class for YAML factories.

Requires SnakeYAML 2.0 or higher, as of Spring Framework 6.1.

Dave Syer, Juergen Hoeller, Sam Brannen, Brian Clozel
  • Constructor Details

    • YamlProcessor

      public YamlProcessor()
  • Method Details

    • setDocumentMatchers

      public void setDocumentMatchers(YamlProcessor.DocumentMatcher... matchers)
      A map of document matchers allowing callers to selectively use only some of the documents in a YAML resource. In YAML documents are separated by --- lines, and each document is converted to properties before the match is made. E.g.
       environment: dev
       name: Developer Setup
       environment: prod
       name: My Cool App
      when mapped with
       setDocumentMatchers(properties ->
           ("prod".equals(properties.getProperty("environment")) ? MatchStatus.FOUND : MatchStatus.NOT_FOUND));
      would end up as
       name=My Cool App
    • setMatchDefault

      public void setMatchDefault(boolean matchDefault)
      Flag indicating that a document for which all the document matchers abstain will nevertheless match. Default is true.
    • setResolutionMethod

      public void setResolutionMethod(YamlProcessor.ResolutionMethod resolutionMethod)
      Method to use for resolving resources. Each resource will be converted to a Map, so this property is used to decide which map entries to keep in the final output from this factory. Default is YamlProcessor.ResolutionMethod.OVERRIDE.
    • setResources

      public void setResources(Resource... resources)
      Set locations of YAML resources to be loaded.
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    • setSupportedTypes

      public void setSupportedTypes(Class<?>... supportedTypes)
      Set the supported types that can be loaded from YAML documents.

      If no supported types are configured, only Java standard classes (as defined in SafeConstructor) encountered in YAML documents will be supported. If an unsupported type is encountered, a ComposerException will be thrown when the corresponding YAML node is processed.

      supportedTypes - the supported types, or an empty array to clear the supported types
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    • process

      protected void process(YamlProcessor.MatchCallback callback)
      Provide an opportunity for subclasses to process the Yaml parsed from the supplied resources. Each resource is parsed in turn and the documents inside checked against the matchers. If a document matches it is passed into the callback, along with its representation as Properties. Depending on the setResolutionMethod(ResolutionMethod) not all the documents will be parsed.
      callback - a callback to delegate to once matching documents are found
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    • createYaml

      protected org.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml createYaml()
      Create the Yaml instance to use.

      The default implementation sets the "allowDuplicateKeys" flag to false, enabling built-in duplicate key handling.

      If custom supported types have been configured, the default implementation creates a Yaml instance that filters out unsupported types encountered in YAML documents. If an unsupported type is encountered, a ComposerException will be thrown when the node is processed.

      See Also:
      • LoaderOptions.setAllowDuplicateKeys(boolean)
    • getFlattenedMap

      protected final Map<String,Object> getFlattenedMap(Map<String,Object> source)
      Return a flattened version of the given map, recursively following any nested Map or Collection values. Entries from the resulting map retain the same order as the source. When called with the Map from a YamlProcessor.MatchCallback the result will contain the same values as the YamlProcessor.MatchCallback Properties.
      source - the source map
      a flattened map