Class AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
BeanFactory, AutowireCapableBeanFactory, ConfigurableBeanFactory, SingletonBeanRegistry, HierarchicalBeanFactory, AliasRegistry
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public abstract class AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory extends AbstractBeanFactory implements AutowireCapableBeanFactory
Abstract bean factory superclass that implements default bean creation, with the full capabilities specified by the RootBeanDefinition class. Implements the AutowireCapableBeanFactory interface in addition to AbstractBeanFactory's createBean(java.lang.Class<T>) method.

Provides bean creation (with constructor resolution), property population, wiring (including autowiring), and initialization. Handles runtime bean references, resolves managed collections, calls initialization methods, etc. Supports autowiring constructors, properties by name, and properties by type.

The main template method to be implemented by subclasses is AutowireCapableBeanFactory.resolveDependency(DependencyDescriptor, String, Set, TypeConverter), used for autowiring. In case of a ListableBeanFactory which is capable of searching its bean definitions, matching beans will typically be implemented through such a search. Otherwise, simplified matching can be implemented.

Note that this class does not assume or implement bean definition registry capabilities. See DefaultListableBeanFactory for an implementation of the ListableBeanFactory and BeanDefinitionRegistry interfaces, which represent the API and SPI view of such a factory, respectively.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller, Rob Harrop, Mark Fisher, Costin Leau, Chris Beams, Sam Brannen, Phillip Webb
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