Annotation Interface ImportRuntimeHints

@Target({TYPE,METHOD}) @Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented public @interface ImportRuntimeHints
Indicates that one or more RuntimeHintsRegistrar implementations should be processed.

Unlike declaring RuntimeHintsRegistrar using META-INF/spring/aot.factories, this annotation allows for more flexible registration where it is only processed if the annotated component or bean method is actually registered in the bean factory. To illustrate this behavior, consider the following example:

 public class MyConfiguration {

     public MyService myService() {
         return new MyService();

If the configuration class above is processed, MyHints will be contributed only if MyCondition matches. If the condition does not match, MyService will not be defined as a bean and the hints will not be processed either.

@ImportRuntimeHints can also be applied to any test class that uses the Spring TestContext Framework to load an ApplicationContext.

If several components or test classes refer to the same RuntimeHintsRegistrar implementation, the registrar will only be invoked once for the given bean factory processing or test suite.

Brian Clozel, Stephane Nicoll
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