Interface WebSocketSession

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, Closeable
All Known Subinterfaces:
NativeWebSocketSession, SockJsSession
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractClientSockJsSession, AbstractHttpSockJsSession, AbstractSockJsSession, AbstractWebSocketSession, ConcurrentWebSocketSessionDecorator, JettyWebSocketSession, PollingSockJsSession, StandardWebSocketSession, StreamingSockJsSession, WebSocketClientSockJsSession, WebSocketServerSockJsSession, WebSocketSessionDecorator, XhrClientSockJsSession

public interface WebSocketSession extends Closeable
A WebSocket session abstraction. Allows sending messages over a WebSocket connection and closing it.
Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Return a unique session identifier.
    • getUri

      @Nullable URI getUri()
      Return the URI used to open the WebSocket connection.
    • getHandshakeHeaders

      HttpHeaders getHandshakeHeaders()
      Return the headers used in the handshake request (never null).
    • getAttributes

      Map<String,Object> getAttributes()
      Return the map with attributes associated with the WebSocket session.

      On the server side the map can be populated initially through a HandshakeInterceptor. On the client side the map can be populated via WebSocketClient handshake methods.

      a Map with the session attributes (never null)
    • getPrincipal

      @Nullable Principal getPrincipal()
      Return a Principal instance containing the name of the authenticated user.

      If the user has not been authenticated, the method returns null.

    • getLocalAddress

      @Nullable InetSocketAddress getLocalAddress()
      Return the address on which the request was received.
    • getRemoteAddress

      @Nullable InetSocketAddress getRemoteAddress()
      Return the address of the remote client.
    • getAcceptedProtocol

      @Nullable String getAcceptedProtocol()
      Return the negotiated sub-protocol.
      the protocol identifier, or null if no protocol was specified or negotiated successfully
    • setTextMessageSizeLimit

      void setTextMessageSizeLimit(int messageSizeLimit)
      Configure the maximum size for an incoming text message.
    • getTextMessageSizeLimit

      int getTextMessageSizeLimit()
      Get the configured maximum size for an incoming text message.
    • setBinaryMessageSizeLimit

      void setBinaryMessageSizeLimit(int messageSizeLimit)
      Configure the maximum size for an incoming binary message.
    • getBinaryMessageSizeLimit

      int getBinaryMessageSizeLimit()
      Get the configured maximum size for an incoming binary message.
    • getExtensions

      List<WebSocketExtension> getExtensions()
      Determine the negotiated extensions.
      the list of extensions, or an empty list if no extension was specified or negotiated successfully
    • sendMessage

      void sendMessage(WebSocketMessage<?> message) throws IOException
      Send a WebSocket message: either TextMessage or BinaryMessage.

      Note: The underlying standard WebSocket session (JSR-356) does not allow concurrent sending. Therefore, sending must be synchronized. To ensure that, one option is to wrap the WebSocketSession with the ConcurrentWebSocketSessionDecorator.

      See Also:
    • isOpen

      boolean isOpen()
      Whether the underlying connection is open.
    • close

      void close() throws IOException
      Close the WebSocket connection with status 1000, i.e. equivalent to:
      Specified by:
      close in interface AutoCloseable
      Specified by:
      close in interface Closeable
    • close

      void close(CloseStatus status) throws IOException
      Close the WebSocket connection with the given close status.