Class MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint, org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart, org.aspectj.lang.ProceedingJoinPoint

public class MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint extends Object implements org.aspectj.lang.ProceedingJoinPoint, org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
An implementation of the AspectJ ProceedingJoinPoint interface wrapping an AOP Alliance MethodInvocation.

Note: The getThis() method returns the current Spring AOP proxy. The getTarget() method returns the current Spring AOP target (which may be null if there is no target instance) as a plain POJO without any advice. If you want to call the object and have the advice take effect, use getThis(). A common example is casting the object to an introduced interface in the implementation of an introduction. There is no such distinction between target and proxy in AspectJ itself.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller, Adrian Colyer, Ramnivas Laddad
  • Constructor Details

    • MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint

      public MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint(ProxyMethodInvocation methodInvocation)
      Create a new MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint, wrapping the given Spring ProxyMethodInvocation object.
      methodInvocation - the Spring ProxyMethodInvocation object
  • Method Details

    • set$AroundClosure

      public void set$AroundClosure(org.aspectj.runtime.internal.AroundClosure aroundClosure)
      Specified by:
      set$AroundClosure in interface org.aspectj.lang.ProceedingJoinPoint
    • proceed

      @Nullable public Object proceed() throws Throwable
      Specified by:
      proceed in interface org.aspectj.lang.ProceedingJoinPoint
    • proceed

      @Nullable public Object proceed(Object[] arguments) throws Throwable
      Specified by:
      proceed in interface org.aspectj.lang.ProceedingJoinPoint
    • getThis

      public Object getThis()
      Returns the Spring AOP proxy. Cannot be null.
      Specified by:
      getThis in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
    • getTarget

      @Nullable public Object getTarget()
      Returns the Spring AOP target. May be null if there is no target.
      Specified by:
      getTarget in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
    • getArgs

      public Object[] getArgs()
      Specified by:
      getArgs in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
    • getSignature

      public org.aspectj.lang.Signature getSignature()
      Specified by:
      getSignature in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
      Specified by:
      getSignature in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
    • getSourceLocation

      public SourceLocation getSourceLocation()
      Specified by:
      getSourceLocation in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
      Specified by:
      getSourceLocation in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
    • getKind

      public String getKind()
      Specified by:
      getKind in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
      Specified by:
      getKind in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
    • getId

      public int getId()
      Specified by:
      getId in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
    • getStaticPart

      public org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart getStaticPart()
      Specified by:
      getStaticPart in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
    • toShortString

      public String toShortString()
      Specified by:
      toShortString in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
      Specified by:
      toShortString in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
    • toLongString

      public String toLongString()
      Specified by:
      toLongString in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
      Specified by:
      toLongString in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
    • toString

      public String toString()
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      toString in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint
      Specified by:
      toString in interface org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.StaticPart
      toString in class Object