Class ClassHintUtils


public abstract class ClassHintUtils extends Object
Utilities for core hint inference on Spring-managed classes, specifically for proxy types such as interface-based JDK proxies and CGLIB-generated subclasses which need proxy/reflection hints.

Note that this class does not take specifics of Spring AOP or any other framework arrangement into account. It just operates on the JDK and CGLIB proxy facilities and their core conventions.

Juergen Hoeller, Sebastien Deleuze
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    • ClassHintUtils

      public ClassHintUtils()
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    • registerProxyIfNecessary

      public static void registerProxyIfNecessary(Class<?> candidateClass, RuntimeHints runtimeHints)
      Register a proxy hint for a JDK proxy or corresponding reflection hints for a CGLIB-generated subclass, if necessary.
      candidateClass - the class to introspect
      runtimeHints - the RuntimeHints instance to register the hints on
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