Class BadSqlGrammarException

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public class BadSqlGrammarException extends InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException
Exception thrown when SQL specified is invalid. Such exceptions always have a java.sql.SQLException root cause.

It would be possible to have subclasses for no such table, no such column etc. A custom SQLExceptionTranslator could create such more specific exceptions, without affecting code using this class.

Rod Johnson
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  • Constructor Details

    • BadSqlGrammarException

      public BadSqlGrammarException(String task, String sql, SQLException ex)
      Constructor for BadSqlGrammarException.
      task - name of current task
      sql - the offending SQL statement
      ex - the root cause
  • Method Details

    • getSQLException

      public SQLException getSQLException()
      Return the wrapped SQLException.
    • getSql

      public String getSql()
      Return the SQL that caused the problem.