Class ArgumentTypePreparedStatementSetter

All Implemented Interfaces:
ParameterDisposer, PreparedStatementSetter

public class ArgumentTypePreparedStatementSetter extends Object implements PreparedStatementSetter, ParameterDisposer
Simple adapter for PreparedStatementSetter that applies the given arrays of arguments and JDBC argument types.
Juergen Hoeller
  • Constructor Details

    • ArgumentTypePreparedStatementSetter

      public ArgumentTypePreparedStatementSetter(@Nullable Object[] args, @Nullable int[] argTypes)
      Create a new ArgumentTypePreparedStatementSetter for the given arguments and types.
      args - the arguments to set
      argTypes - the corresponding SQL types of the arguments
  • Method Details

    • setValues

      public void setValues(PreparedStatement ps) throws SQLException
      Description copied from interface: PreparedStatementSetter
      Set parameter values on the given PreparedStatement.
      Specified by:
      setValues in interface PreparedStatementSetter
      ps - the PreparedStatement to invoke setter methods on
      SQLException - if an SQLException is encountered (i.e. there is no need to catch SQLException)
    • doSetValue

      protected void doSetValue(PreparedStatement ps, int parameterPosition, int argType, @Nullable Object argValue) throws SQLException
      Set the value for the prepared statement's specified parameter position using the supplied value and type.

      This method can be overridden by subclasses if needed.

      ps - the PreparedStatement
      parameterPosition - index of the parameter position
      argType - the argument type
      argValue - the argument value
      SQLException - if thrown by PreparedStatement methods
    • cleanupParameters

      public void cleanupParameters()
      Description copied from interface: ParameterDisposer
      Close the resources allocated by parameters that the implementing object holds, for example in case of a DisposableSqlTypeValue (like an SqlLobValue).
      Specified by:
      cleanupParameters in interface ParameterDisposer
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