Class AbstractNamedValueMethodArgumentResolver

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Direct Known Subclasses:
DestinationVariableMethodArgumentResolver, HeaderMethodArgumentResolver

public abstract class AbstractNamedValueMethodArgumentResolver extends Object implements HandlerMethodArgumentResolver
Abstract base class to resolve method arguments from a named value, e.g. message headers or destination variables. Named values could have one or more of a name, a required flag, and a default value.

Subclasses only need to define specific steps such as how to obtain named value details from a method parameter, how to resolve to argument values, or how to handle missing values.

A default value string can contain ${...} placeholders and Spring Expression Language #{...} expressions which will be resolved if a ConfigurableBeanFactory is supplied to the class constructor.

A ConversionService is used to convert a resolved String argument value to the expected target method parameter type.

Rossen Stoyanchev, Juergen Hoeller