Interface InterceptableChannel

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMessageChannel, AbstractSubscribableChannel, ExecutorSubscribableChannel

public interface InterceptableChannel
A MessageChannel that maintains a list ChannelInterceptors and allows interception of message sending.
Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • setInterceptors

      void setInterceptors(List<ChannelInterceptor> interceptors)
      Set the list of channel interceptors clearing any existing interceptors.
    • addInterceptor

      void addInterceptor(ChannelInterceptor interceptor)
      Add a channel interceptor to the end of the list.
    • addInterceptor

      void addInterceptor(int index, ChannelInterceptor interceptor)
      Add a channel interceptor at the specified index.
    • getInterceptors

      List<ChannelInterceptor> getInterceptors()
      Return the list of configured interceptors.
    • removeInterceptor

      boolean removeInterceptor(ChannelInterceptor interceptor)
      Remove the given interceptor.
    • removeInterceptor

      ChannelInterceptor removeInterceptor(int index)
      Remove the interceptor at the given index.