Class LocalDataSourceJobStore

All Implemented Interfaces:
Constants, JobStore

public class LocalDataSourceJobStore extends JobStoreCMT
Subclass of Quartz's JobStoreCMT class that delegates to a Spring-managed DataSource instead of using a Quartz-managed JDBC connection pool. This JobStore will be used if SchedulerFactoryBean's "dataSource" property is set. You may also configure it explicitly, possibly as a custom subclass of this LocalDataSourceJobStore or as an equivalent JobStoreCMT variant.

Supports both transactional and non-transactional DataSource access. With a non-XA DataSource and local Spring transactions, a single DataSource argument is sufficient. In case of an XA DataSource and global JTA transactions, SchedulerFactoryBean's "nonTransactionalDataSource" property should be set, passing in a non-XA DataSource that will not participate in global transactions.

Operations performed by this JobStore will properly participate in any kind of Spring-managed transaction, as it uses Spring's DataSourceUtils connection handling methods that are aware of a current transaction.

Note that all Quartz Scheduler operations that affect the persistent job store should usually be performed within active transactions, as they assume to get proper locks etc.

Juergen Hoeller
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