Class DirtiesContextTestExecutionListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
Ordered, TestExecutionListener

public class DirtiesContextTestExecutionListener extends AbstractDirtiesContextTestExecutionListener
TestExecutionListener which provides support for marking the ApplicationContext associated with a test as dirty for both test classes and test methods annotated with the @DirtiesContext annotation.

This listener supports test methods with the method mode set to AFTER_METHOD and test classes with the class mode set to AFTER_EACH_TEST_METHOD or AFTER_CLASS. For support for BEFORE modes, see DirtiesContextBeforeModesTestExecutionListener.

When merging TestExecutionListeners with the defaults, this listener will automatically be ordered after the DependencyInjectionTestExecutionListener; otherwise, this listener must be manually configured to execute after the DependencyInjectionTestExecutionListener.

Sam Brannen
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