Class ParameterContentNegotiationStrategy

All Implemented Interfaces:
ContentNegotiationStrategy, MediaTypeFileExtensionResolver

public class ParameterContentNegotiationStrategy extends AbstractMappingContentNegotiationStrategy
Strategy that resolves the requested content type from a query parameter. The default query parameter name is "format".

You can register static mappings between keys (i.e. the expected value of the query parameter) and MediaType's via MappingMediaTypeFileExtensionResolver.addMapping(String, MediaType). As of 5.0 this strategy also supports dynamic lookups of keys via MediaTypeFactory.getMediaType(

Rossen Stoyanchev
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    • ParameterContentNegotiationStrategy

      public ParameterContentNegotiationStrategy(Map<String,MediaType> mediaTypes)
      Create an instance with the given map of file extensions and media types.
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