Class NestedPathTag

All Implemented Interfaces:
IterationTag, JspTag, Tag, TryCatchFinally, Serializable

public class NestedPathTag extends TagSupport implements TryCatchFinally

The <nestedPath> tag supports and assists with nested beans or bean properties in the model. Exports a "nestedPath" variable of type String in request scope, visible to the current page and also included pages, if any.

The BindTag will auto-detect the current nested path and automatically prepend it to its own path to form a complete path to the bean or bean property.

This tag will also prepend any existing nested path that is currently set. Thus, you can nest multiple nested-path tags.

Attribute Summary
Attribute Required? Runtime Expression? Description
path true true Set the path that this tag should apply. E.g. 'customer' to allow bind paths like 'address.street' rather than 'customer.address.street'.
Juergen Hoeller
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