Class DefaultRequestToViewNameTranslator

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public class DefaultRequestToViewNameTranslator extends Object implements RequestToViewNameTranslator
RequestToViewNameTranslator that simply transforms the URI of the incoming request into a view name.

Can be explicitly defined as the viewNameTranslator bean in a DispatcherServlet context. Otherwise, a plain default instance will be used.

The default transformation simply strips leading and trailing slashes as well as the file extension of the URI, and returns the result as the view name with the configured prefix and a suffix added as appropriate.

The stripping of the leading slash and file extension can be disabled using the stripLeadingSlash and stripExtension properties, respectively.

Find below some examples of request to view name translation.

  • http://localhost:8080/gamecast/display.html » display
  • http://localhost:8080/gamecast/displayShoppingCart.html » displayShoppingCart
  • http://localhost:8080/gamecast/admin/index.html » admin/index
Rob Harrop, Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultRequestToViewNameTranslator

      public DefaultRequestToViewNameTranslator()
  • Method Details

    • setPrefix

      public void setPrefix(@Nullable String prefix)
      Set the prefix to prepend to generated view names.
      prefix - the prefix to prepend to generated view names
    • setSuffix

      public void setSuffix(@Nullable String suffix)
      Set the suffix to append to generated view names.
      suffix - the suffix to append to generated view names
    • setSeparator

      public void setSeparator(String separator)
      Set the value that will replace '/' as the separator in the view name. The default behavior simply leaves '/' as the separator.
    • setStripLeadingSlash

      public void setStripLeadingSlash(boolean stripLeadingSlash)
      Set whether leading slashes should be stripped from the URI when generating the view name. Default is "true".
    • setStripTrailingSlash

      public void setStripTrailingSlash(boolean stripTrailingSlash)
      Set whether trailing slashes should be stripped from the URI when generating the view name. Default is "true".
    • setStripExtension

      public void setStripExtension(boolean stripExtension)
      Set whether file extensions should be stripped from the URI when generating the view name. Default is "true".
    • getViewName

      public String getViewName(HttpServletRequest request)
      Translates the request URI of the incoming HttpServletRequest into the view name based on the configured parameters.
      Specified by:
      getViewName in interface RequestToViewNameTranslator
      request - the incoming HttpServletRequest providing the context from which a view name is to be resolved
      the view name, or null if no default found
      IllegalArgumentException - if neither a parsed RequestPath, nor a String lookupPath have been resolved and cached as a request attribute.
      See Also:
    • transformPath

      @Nullable protected String transformPath(String lookupPath)
      Transform the request URI (in the context of the webapp) stripping slashes and extensions, and replacing the separator as required.
      lookupPath - the lookup path for the current request, as determined by the UrlPathHelper
      the transformed path, with slashes and extensions stripped if desired