Spring Framework

Upgrade Guide

Covers upgrading from Spring 2.5 to 3.0


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Table of Contents

1. Overview of New Features
2. Requirements and Supported Environments
2.1. Java 5 and Java 6
2.2. Java EE Support
2.3. Compatibility with Other Spring Projects
2.4. Third-Party Libraries
2.5. Packaging
2.6. Required Spring Framework jar Files
2.7. Repositories
2.7.1. Obtaining Spring Releases From Maven Central
2.7.2. Obtaining Spring Releases From the Enterprise Bundle Repository (EBR)
2.7.3. Spring Project Productivity Tools
3. Removed and Deprecated Features
3.1. Removed Features
3.2. Deprecated Java Features
3.3. Deprecated XSD Schema Features
4. Application Migration and Compatibility Concerns
4.1. Changing Spring 2.5.6 Generics to Match 3.0 Generics
4.2. Implementing Remote Support Between Spring 2.5.6 Server Applications and 3.0 Client Applications
4.3. Deprecated Elements and Effects on Schema
4.4. Avoiding Naming Conflicts with Spring Bean conversionService
A. Code Changes Between Spring 2.5.6 and 3.0.0
A.1. API Change Codes
A.2. API Change Report
A.2.1. aop.framework
A.2.2. aop.interceptor
A.2.3. aop.support
A.2.4. aop.target
A.2.5. beans
A.2.6. beans.factory
A.2.7. beans.support
A.2.8. context
A.2.9. context.annotation
A.2.10. context.event
A.2.11. context.support
A.2.12. core
A.2.13. core.style
A.2.14. core.task
A.2.15. core.type
A.2.16. instrument.classloading
A.2.17. jca.endpoint
A.2.18. jca.work
A.2.19. jdbc.core
A.2.20. jdbc.support
A.2.21. jms.listener
A.2.22. jmx.export
A.2.23. jmx.support
A.2.24. metadata
A.2.25. metadata.commons
A.2.26. mock.web
A.2.27. orm.hibernate3
A.2.28. orm.ibatis
A.2.29. orm.jdo
A.2.30. orm.toplink
A.2.31. remoting.jaxrpc
A.2.32. remoting.jaxws
A.2.33. remoting.rmi
A.2.34. remoting.support
A.2.35. scheduling
A.2.36. scheduling.backportconcurrent
A.2.37. scheduling.concurrent
A.2.38. scheduling.quartz
A.2.39. scheduling.support
A.2.40. scheduling.timer
A.2.41. test.annotation
A.2.42. test.context
A.2.43. test.web
A.2.44. transaction
A.2.45. transaction.annotation
A.2.46. transaction.config
A.2.47. transaction.interceptor
A.2.48. transaction.jta
A.2.49. transaction.support
A.2.50. ui
A.2.51. util
A.2.52. validation
A.2.53. web.bind
A.2.54. web.context
A.2.55. web.multipart
A.2.56. web.portlet
A.2.57. web.servlet
A.2.58. web.util