Spring for GraphQL 1.2.5 API

Top level abstractions for processing GraphQL requests.
This package contains a GraphQlClient along with HTTP and WebSocket extensions.
Support for various ways to implement DataFetchers.
Support for DataFetcher's based on handler methods typically annotated with SchemaMapping annotations.
Annotations for binding data fetching methods to GraphQL schema queries, mutations, subscriptions, and fields.
Resolvers for method parameters of annotated handler methods.
Core contracts and generic infrastructure classes for pagination.
DataFetcher implementations built on Spring Data extensions such as Query by Example and Querydsl.
Support for GraphQL request execution, including abstractions to configure and invoke GraphQL.
Support for GraphQL observability.
Server transports handling GraphQL requests over the HTTP, WebSocket, and RSocket.
Support classes for Web transports.
HTTP and WebSocket handlers for use in a Spring WebFlux application.
HTTP and WebSocket handlers for use in a Spring WebMvc application.
Support classes for Spring GraphQL.
GraphQL client testing support.