Uses of Package

Provides AMQP support classes.
Provides supporting classes for JavaDSL with Apache Camel components.
Provides classes for Apache Camel outbound channel adapters.
Provides supporting classes for Apache Camel channel adapters.
Root package of the Spring Integration Java DSL.
Provides classes supporting messaging gateways.
Provides HTTP Components support for Spring Integration Java DSL.
Provides classes supporting inbound endpoints.
Provides classes supporting outbound endpoints.
Provides classes to support Http endpoints, including header mapping.
All things related to tcp connections - client and server factories; listener and sender interfaces.
Base package for UDP support.
Base package for JMS Support.
Base package for JMX support.
Base package for Mail support.
Provides classes for configuration - parsers, namespace handlers.
Provides Mail Components for the Java DSL.
Provides classes to support email.
Provides classes related to mapping to/from message headers.
Provides inbound Spring Integration MqttAdapter components.
Provides Spring Integration components for doing outbound operations.
Provides various support classes used across Spring Integration MqttAdapter Components.
Provides classes which represent inbound STOMP components.
Provides classes which represent outbound STOMP components.
Provides classes to support STOMP components.
Provides classes supporting message conversion.
Provides classes supporting json.
Provides several inbound and outbound Web Service components.
Provides XMPP specific support classes.
Provides classes for message channels support over ZeroMQ.
Provides classes for supporting ZeroMQ component via Java DSL.
Provides classes for inbound channel adapters over ZeroMQ.
Provides classes for outbound channel adapters over ZeroMQ.