Uses of Interface

Packages that use MessageBuilderFactory
Provides classes related to message aggregation.
Provides classes to support message publication using AOP.
Provides classes relating to application context configuration.
Provides classes related to dispatching messages.
Provides classes supporting the transformation of file contents to messages.
Provides classes supporting the capture of message history.
All things related to tcp connections - client and server factories; listener and sender interfaces.
Base package for UDP support.
Provides classes related to transforming mail messages.
Provides classes related to the MongoDB message store.
Provides various support classes used across Spring Integration MqttAdapter Components.
Base core support package.
Provides classes supporting message conversion.
Provides global utility support classes for the runtime system.
Base package for Syslog Support.
Contains core-implementation of various Transformers which includes Enrichers and Filters.
Provides core utility classes.