Interface MessageGroupProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAggregatingMessageGroupProcessor, DefaultAggregatingMessageGroupProcessor, DelegatingMessageGroupProcessor, ExpressionEvaluatingMessageGroupProcessor, FileAggregatingMessageGroupProcessor, FileAggregator, MethodInvokingMessageGroupProcessor, ResequencingMessageGroupProcessor, SimpleMessageGroupProcessor
Functional Interface:
This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

@FunctionalInterface public interface MessageGroupProcessor
A processor for correlated groups of messages.
Iwein Fuld
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    • processMessageGroup

      Object processMessageGroup(MessageGroup group)
      Process the given MessageGroup. Implementations are free to return as few or as many messages based on the invocation as needed. For example an aggregating processor will return only a single message representing the group, while a resequencing processor will return all messages whose preceding sequence has been satisfied.

      If a multiple messages are returned the return value must be a Collection<Message>.

      group - The message group.
      The result of processing the group.