Class FileAggregator

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanFactoryAware, CorrelationStrategy, GroupConditionProvider, MessageGroupProcessor, ReleaseStrategy

A convenient component to utilize a FileSplitter.FileMarker-based aggregation logic. Implements all three CorrelationStrategy, ReleaseStrategy and MessageGroupProcessor for runtime optimization. Delegates to HeaderAttributeCorrelationStrategy with FileHeaders.FILENAME attribute, FileMarkerReleaseStrategy and FileAggregatingMessageGroupProcessor, respectively.

The default FileSplitter behavior with markers enabled is about do not provide a sequence details headers, therefore correlation in this aggregator implementation is done by the FileHeaders.FILENAME header which is still populated by the FileSplitter for each line emitted, including FileSplitter.FileMarker messages.

If default behavior of this component does not satisfy the target logic, it is recommended to configure an aggregator with individual strategies.

Artem Bilan