Uses of Package

Provides classes related to message aggregation.
Provides AMQP Component support for the Java DSL.
Provides classes supporting inbound endpoints.
Provides classes supporting outbound endpoints.
Provides AMQP support classes.
Provides classes to support message publication using AOP.
Provides classes relating to application context configuration.
Provides core classes.
Provides classes related to dispatching messages.
Root package of the Spring Integration Java DSL.
Provides core classes related to Endpoints.
Base package for File support.
Provides classes supporting remote file sessions.
Provides classes supporting the synchronization of remote and local file directories.
Provides classes supporting the transformation of file contents to messages.
Provides classes supporting messaging gateways.
Provides classes implementing various types of message handler.
Provides classes that are used to advise MessageHandlers with cross-cutting concerns.
Provides classes supporting the capture of message history.
All things related to tcp connections - client and server factories; listener and sender interfaces.
Base package for UDP support.
Provides Spring Integration inbound components for Apache Kafka.
Provides Spring Integration outbound components for Apache Kafka.
Provides support classes.
Provides Mail Components for the Java DSL.
Provides classes related to transforming mail messages.
Provides classes related to the MongoDB message store.
Provides various support classes used across Spring Integration MqttAdapter Components.
Provides Scripting Components support for Spring Integration Java DSL.
Base core support package.
Provides classes supporting message conversion.
Provides classes supporting json.
Provides classes to support of Micrometer Observation API.
Provides global utility support classes for the runtime system.
Base package for Syslog Support.
Contains core-implementation of various Transformers which includes Enrichers and Filters.
Provides core utility classes.
Provides several inbound and outbound Web Service components.