2. What’s new?

2.1 What’s new in 2.0 Since 1.3

2.1.1 Spring Framework and Java Versions

The Spring for Apache Kafka project now requires Spring Framework 5.0 and Java 8.

2.1.2 @KafkaListener Changes

You can now annotate @KafkaListener methods (and classes, and @KafkaHandler methods) with @SendTo. If the method returns a result, it is forwarded to the specified topic. See the section called “Forwarding Listener Results using @SendTo” for more information.

2.1.3 Message Listeners

Message listeners can now be aware of the Consumer object. See the section called “Message Listeners” for more information.

2.1.4 ConsumerAwareRebalanceListener

Rebalance listeners can now access the Consumer object during rebalance notifications. See the section called “Rebalance Listeners” for more information.

2.1.5 @EmbeddedKafka Annotation

For convenience a test class level @EmbeddedKafka annotation is provided with the purpose to register KafkaEmbedded as a bean. See Section 4.3, “Testing Applications” for more information. ==== After rollback processing

Starting with version 2.0.5, a new AfterRollbackProcessor strategy is provided - see the section called “After Rollback Processor” for more information.