Spring Mobile Reference Manual

Keith Donald

Roy Clarkson


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Table of Contents

1. Spring Mobile Overview
1.1. Introduction
2. Spring Mobile Device Module
2.1. Introduction
2.2. How to get
2.3. Device resolution
2.3.1. When to perform
2.3.2. Obtaining a reference to the current device
2.3.3. Supported DeviceResolver implementations
2.4. Site preference management
2.4.1. Indicating a site preference
2.4.2. Site preference storage
2.4.3. Enabling site preference management
2.4.4. Obtaining a reference to the current site preference
2.5. Site switching
2.5.1. mDot SiteSwitcher
2.5.2. dotMobi SiteSwitcher
2.5.3. urlPath SiteSwitcher
Mobile Path
Mobile Path and Root Path
Mobile Path, Tablet Path, and Root Path
Additional Configuration