Spring Modulith 1.0.0 API

Core abstractions of Spring Modulith.
Spring Boot actuator support for Spring Modulith.
Autoconfiguration for Spring Modulith actuators.
Core, internal abstractions of Spring Modulith.
Documentation support for Spring Modulith.
Spring configuration for the event publication registry.
The event publication registry abstraction.
A Jackson based implementation of the EventSerializer.
JDBC integration for EventPublicationRepository.
JPA integration for EventPublicationRepository.
MongoDB integration for EventPublicationRepository.
Spring Framework extensions to integrate the event publication registry.
An Passage-of-Time events implementation.
Autoconfiguration for the Moments API.
The Moments abstraction to integrate with Spring Framework's scheduling.
Support for application module observability.
Autoconfiguration for the observability integration.
Support to run ApplicationModules at application runtime.
Autoconfiguration the ApplicationModules runtime support.
Integration test support for Spring Modulith ApplicationModules.