Class BeanInstanceDescriptor

  • public final class BeanInstanceDescriptor
    extends java.lang.Object
    Describe how an instance of a bean can be supplied.
    Stephane Nicoll
    • Method Detail

      • of

        public static BeanInstanceDescriptor.Builder of​(java.lang.Class<?> beanType)
        Create a new builder for the specified bean type.
        beanType - the type of the bean
        a new builder
      • getBeanType

        public ResolvableType getBeanType()
        Return the type of the bean.
        the type of the bean
      • getUserBeanClass

        public java.lang.Class<?> getUserBeanClass()
        Return the bean type Class.
        the class of the bean, as defined by the user
      • getInstanceCreator

        public BeanInstanceDescriptor.MemberDescriptor<java.lang.reflect.Executable> getInstanceCreator()
        Return the Executable that should be used to instantiate the bean or null if no such information is available.
        the method or constructor to use to create the bean
      • getInjectionPoints

        public java.util.List<BeanInstanceDescriptor.MemberDescriptor<?>> getInjectionPoints()
        Return the injection points to invoke to populate extra dependencies for the bean, in the order they should be invoked.
        the injection points, if any
      • getProperties

        public java.util.List<BeanInstanceDescriptor.PropertyDescriptor> getProperties()
        Return the properties that should be set for the bean. Properties are automatically applied by the bean factory.
        the properties, if any