Class AotOptions

  • public class AotOptions
    extends Object
    AOT options for Spring Native.
    Sebastien Deleuze, Andy Clement
    • Constructor Detail

      • AotOptions

        public AotOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • getMode

        public String getMode()
        Should be either native or native-agent
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      • isVerify

        public boolean isVerify()
        Determine whether to check Spring components are suitable for inclusion in a native-image. For a concrete example, verification currently checks whether bean factory methods are being invoked directly in configuration classes. If they are then that must be enforced by using CGLIB proxies. CGLIB proxies are not supported in native-image and so a verification error will come out with a message indicating the code should switch to method parameter injection (allowing Spring to control bean method invocation).
      • setVerify

        public void setVerify​(boolean verify)
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      • isRemoveYamlSupport

        public boolean isRemoveYamlSupport()
        Removes Spring Boot Yaml support to optimize the footprint when set to true.
      • setRemoveYamlSupport

        public void setRemoveYamlSupport​(boolean removeYamlSupport)
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      • isRemoveJmxSupport

        public boolean isRemoveJmxSupport()
        Removes Spring Boot JMX support to optimize the footprint when set to true.
      • setRemoveJmxSupport

        public void setRemoveJmxSupport​(boolean removeJmxSupport)
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      • isDebugVerify

        public boolean isDebugVerify()
        Determine if extra debug should come out related to verification of reflection requests. Spring Native will compute configuration but a final stage verification runs before it is written out to try and ensure what is requested will not lead to problems when the native-image is built. This flag enables debugging of that final stage verification.
      • setDebugVerify

        public void setDebugVerify​(boolean debugVerify)
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      • isRemoveXmlSupport

        public boolean isRemoveXmlSupport()
        Removes Spring XML support (XML converters, codecs and XML application context support) when set to true.
      • setRemoveXmlSupport

        public void setRemoveXmlSupport​(boolean removeXmlSupport)
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      • isRemoveSpelSupport

        public boolean isRemoveSpelSupport()
        Removes Spring SpEL support to optimize the footprint when set to true.
      • setRemoveSpelSupport

        public void setRemoveSpelSupport​(boolean removeSpelSupport)
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