Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi™ Service Platforms *

Frequently Asked Questions


Costin Leau


* - OSGi is a trademark of the OSGi Alliance,project name is pending OSGi Alliance approval.

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1. Frequently Asked Questions
1.1. What happened to "Spring OSGi" project name?
1.2. Why doesn't internal package have any javadocs?
1.3. What are Spring Dynamic Modules requirements?
1.4. What OSGi platforms are supported?
1.5. Where can I learn about OSGi?
1.6. I get an exception about backport-util-concurrent library being required. Why is that?
1.7. How can I use logging in OSGi?
1.8. If you use commons-logging API, why rely on SLF4J and not the commons-logging jar?
1.9. Why don't you use the OSGi logging service/[insert your favourite logging library in here]?
1.10. I have to use [insert name] library/framework inside. What can I do?
1.11. The autoExport option doesn't work properly!