Part IV. Appendixes

Document structure

Various appendixes outside the reference documentation.

Appendix A, Extensions describes extensions that are included in the 1.0 distribution, but are not guaranteed to be maintained in a backward-compatible form in future point releases. We anticipate these features moving into the core specification over time.

Appendix B, Security Integration provides information on how to run Spring DM in an OSGi environment with a SecurityManager enabled (Java 2 Security activated).

Appendix C, Eclipse Plug-in Development integration describes how to integrate Spring DM with Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment.

Appendix D, Spring Dynamic Modules Maven Archetype describes the Spring DM Maven 2 archetype usage.

Appendix E, Useful OSGi tips provides some useful OSGi tips, especially meaningful when used along with Spring DM.

Appendix F, Roadmap describes some features that are included in the 1.0 distribution but are still considered early-access. The externals of these features may change in future releases. This appendix also discusses other planned features for which no implementation yet exists.

Appendix G, Spring DM OSGi Repository describes the repository used by Spring DM for its osgi artifacts.

Appendix H, Spring Dynamic Modules Schema defines the schemas provided by Spring Dynamic Modules.